PAE (Performance Auto Express) Trucks is a state-of-the-art drive-thru facility committed to quick and quality service to help businesses keep their trucks on the road. Regular and timely oil changes are key in preventing costly repairs and managing overall costs. Here at PAE Trucks, we only use premium brands of products designed to exceed your specifications and expectations. Vehicles are expensive investments, which is why we are committed to helping businesses extend the life of their trucks.

5455 Steeles Ave West | (416) 745-6767

Giving you the services you want and need.

The goal of the shop is to get you in and out in 20-30 minutes maximum, depending on the service chosen. We offer a free self-vacuum outside for your personal interior detailed cleaning. Drivers are greeted while seated in their cabs so that the shop can obtain information on choice of service. The driver drives the truck into the bay and waits while enjoying enjoying a snack and a cup of coffee, which is offered complimentary by PAE Trucks.

All our work is Warranty-Approved!!!
Our pits are long enough to service trucks & tanks.

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Mon – Fri – 8am – 11pm
Sat – 8am – 8pm
Sun – 9am – 5pm

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